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The Xybrid Vehicle

Expanding on the Hybrid

The Xybrid Vehicle Expanding on the Hybrid explores upcoming advances in hybrid and electric vehicles in a non-technical way.
Length: 111 Pages
Reading Ease: Medium
Reading Level: 8th Grade
Maturity: General Audience
🚗 🚗 🚗🔌 &n-; 3 Hybrid Cars &n-; Superb
Summary: Xybrid Technology Categories; Most Important Xybrid Technologies to Implement; Best $ for MPG Hybrid; Biodiesel Statistics
By Dale Stubbart


Topics Covered:

Hybrid Technologies: The Electric Engine; Regenerative Braking; Feedback Screens; Slipstream - Aerodynamics
Xybrid Technologies: Biofuel; Plugin Hybrids; Solar Power; Wind Power; Power from Heat; Piezo Electric Power; Human Power; Fuel Cells; Driverless Cars; Hyperdriving; Solar Roadways; Permeable Roads; Placing Electric Engines in Tires; Skinny Cars; Modular Cars; Pods, Tracks, & Aerial Tramways; WindoDynamics
A Car-Free World: Beauti-La; Car-Free Communities; Telecommute / Telework / etc.; Alternative Forms of Transportation; Mass Transportation

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Target Audience: Those who like cars and saving energy.

Xybrid Technology Categories

Those which provide more energy through less petroleum
Those which reduce human input
Those which improve roads
Those which change the way we think about cars
The Most Important Xybrid Technologies are those which get us off petroleum the fastest.
The Ultimate Xybrid Technology is Fewer Cars.

So, what&';s the best car for the mileage? Sure, if you can afford a Tesla starting at $68K, go ahead. You&';ll get 315 miles per charge (mpc) in the city. You&';ll probably need to buy a charging station or install 240v or just not run down the charge that much if you want to use 110v. At 110v, it can take up to 97 hrs to charge. 240v will take 10 hrs, but a Tesla Supercharge will only take you 1/2 hr, and there are now even faster chargers (in CA).
Nissan Leaf is probably the most widely available, having started production in 2011. You can get a two year old used Nissan Leaf for $13K, a four year old one for $7K. New will cost you $31K. You&';ll get 107 mpc, it will take you 21 hrs to fully recharge at 110v. 240v takes 6 hrs, Supercharger or 440V takes 1/2 hr. Basically all electric cars take 30 minutes to charge at a SuperCharger, but finding Superchargers outside of CA is rare. Leaf S (cheapest version) requires an option add-on to charge at 240V. You can pay another $3K for the Leaf SV or you can get 240v installed in your garage and buy an adapter or two for under $400. You&';ll probably want to buy an adaptor with a NEMA 14-50 plug-in. Those are commonly used in RV Parks and are the most common at charging stations where you have to supply your own plug. The most common EV outlet used to be NEMA 6-50. I recently found a charging station with a NEMA 6-20. Clipper Creek will help you choose the correct adaptor for you car. If you want a second adaptor, say for 6-50 to 14-50, you&';ll probably want a 6-50P to 14-50R where P is the plug and R is the receptacle. There are many locations where, if you&';re a customer of the local Electric Utility, you can charge your Nissan Leaf for free. This is called the No Charge to Charge program available at Requires activation of the EZ-Charge card. List of Participating Locations.
Chevy Bolt, BMW i3, Ford Focus Electric, and Smart Fortwo Electric are similarly priced and have similar ranges and charge times. The Bolt does not have a 110v charging option.
Some Electric Cars are not available nationwide. Some are only available in CA, though they&';ll need to expand to nine other states next year to meet regulations/compliance.

Easy Ways to Improve Mileage

Drive Less. Park further away from the door &n-; this also cuts down on the time spent trying to find a parking place close to the door. Plus you get more exercise.
Make fewer left turns. Never make left turns at busy intersections.
Drive with a light foot. No quick starts and/or stops. Sometimes it helps to move your seat further back.

Plug-in Hybrids can get a similar range. The charging time is less because the battery has a lesser range. Chevy Volt, Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Fusion Energy, Hyundai Sonata Plug-in, Kia Optima Plug-in, and Toyota Prius Prime get similar mpg ratings to the Nissan Leaf. The rating is based on what you get off the battery and 1 gallon of gas. The price is similar. Chevy Volt has a 53 mile battery and takes 13 hrs to charge at 110v, 4.5 hrs at 240v. The rest have 20-30 mile batteries and take about half that long to charge. Prius Prime charges the quickest (5.5 hrs) and has the longest range (133 miles).

Find Gasbuddy Gas Prices
City,Prov or Postal Code (eg. Gasbuddy, )

Green Car News

Hybrid News
Green Car Reports

How Much Could You Save if You Didn’t Have a Car?

Have you ever dreamt about being car-free? Not having to fill up at least once/week. Not having to pay car insurance or the fees for Drivers License and Car tags. Not having to pay car maintenance? Saving the environment?
This calculator will tell you how much you can put in your pocket if you give up your car(s).
You may decide to give up driving altogether, or you may want to keep your driver’s license and occasionally rent a car or participate in car sharing. You may also want to occasionally rent a truck for hauling. If you’re going to give up your driver’s license enter the amount you currently pay for that and enter the amount an ID would cost you. If you’re not going to give up your driver’s license, enter 0 for both those amounts. Likewise, enter 0 for Bike Cost is you’re not going to buy a bike, 0 for Rideshare if you’re not going to participate in that, etc.
Change the amounts in the table below to fit your situation, then click I Save to see how much you save per year.

Car Costs$Electric Car Costs$Carless Costs$
Monthly Gas CostsMonthly Electric Cost Increase
Car DownpaymentCar DownpaymentBike Cost including Helmet
Monthly Car PaymentMonthly Car Payment
Car Trade-in ValueCar Trade-in Value
Car Replaced every N yearsCar Replaced every N yearsReplace Bike every N years
Semi-Annual Car Insurance PaymentSemi-Annual Car Insurance PaymentAnnual Bike Gear Cost - Clothes, Helmet, Water Bottle
Avg Car Maintenance AmtAvg Car Maintenance AmtBus Pass Cost per Year
Times Car Maintained per YearTimes Car Maintained per YearRideshare / Vanpool / ZipCar Cost per Year including Gas if any
Annual Autoclub FeeAnnual Autoclub Fee
BetterWorldClub has discount for Electric Cars
Annual Bike Club Fee and Maintenance Costs
BetterWorldClub has Discount for Bikes
Drivers License Renewal FeeDrivers License Renewal FeeID (State ID or Passport) Renewal Fee
Drivers License Renewed every N yearsDrivers License Renewed every N yearsID Renewed every N years
Car License Annual Renewal FeeCar License Annual Renewal FeeOccasional Car Rental Amt / Year including Gas
Emissions Inspection Annual FeeEmissions Inspection Annual FeeOccasional Truck / Van Rental Amt / Year including Gas
Car Wash Amt / YearCar Wash Amt / YearBike Wash Amt / Year
Other Annual FeeOther Annual FeeOther Transportation Costs - Skateboard, Bike lessons, etc. / Year
Total Car Costs13382Total Car Costs5909Total Carless Costs2874
  Electric Car $7926 per year; No Car $10961 per year

Who&';s buying Tesla Electric Semis?

Apr 2018; more than 535

Electric Semis UPS 125
Electric Semis Pepsi 100
Electric Semis Sysco 50
Electric Semis Bee'ah AE 50
Electric Semis TCI Transportation 50
Electric Semis Anheuser-Busch 40
Electric Semis Loblaw CA 25
Electric Semis FedEx 20
Electric Semis Walmart 15
Electric Semis Asko Norway NO 10
Electric Semis DHL 10
Electric Semis NFI Industries 10
Electric Semis Ruan Transportation Management Systems 5; City Furniture 5; Meijer 4, JK Moving 4, Tesla 3, Mobile TV Group 2
Electric Semis Others 9 (1 each) Fercam IT, Flexport, Gertika Logistics LT, Fortigo Freight CA, Best Transportation, Mecca & Son, NFI, Bison Transport CA, Posten Norge NO.
Electric Semis Unspecified JB Hunt, Ryder. XPO Logistics is test driving, but no reports yet of orders.

The Tesla Semi has a range of 500 miles. It can reach freeway speeds in 20 seconds. Teslarati article

Info about Who&';s buying Tesla Electric Semis, comes from various articles including Business Insider

Many companies do not announce that they&';ve purchased Tesla Semis until several months after the purchase.

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