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What a Fantastic Story is:

Fantastic Stories come in various formats - Books, Movies, Music, Art, ...
Fantastic Stories are great! They intrigue you at the beginning and stay strong until the end. They are decent, usually short, and they leave you in a better place than when you started the story.

Fantastic Stories are not formulaic, boring, full of sex and violence, weak stories that you wish would end soon. They don't leave you wondering why you ever started the story in the first place.

The Dancer is a simple story of a young woman in love, a young woman who is trying to find out who she is. While the story is simple, the manner in which it unfolds is anything but. And sometimes the ride is so wild it has everyone, including the Author, hanging on to their seats.
Series: 5 Books – Fantasy – Other Worlds
Avg Length: 32 Pages &n-; Condensed
Reading Ease: Very Easy
Reading Level: 5th Grade
Maturity: General Audience
💃 💃🏽 🕺🏽 💃 🕺 &n-; 5 Dancing Stars &n-; Fantastic
By Dale Stubbart


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Target Audience: Everybody who is young at heart and who loves stories about those who are in love and stories about community.

The Dancer

Sometimes she felt like she was living on a yo-yo. Flown towards the ground, then hovering there – a few inches away from the ground – before being spun back the other way and flown towards the sky, hovering there and then flown back towards the ground. From one extreme to the other – that was her life.
She’d seen a children’s toy once which consisted of a ball and string. The string was held in both hands, and the ball flew violently on the string from one hand to the other and back again. She didn’t know what this toy was called, but it described how she felt better than a yo-yo. There were two extremes in her life that she was being flown between, but they weren’t up and down, they were just different.
And why, oh why, had her Director (fool that he was), chosen this particular dance for her to perform? Why, oh why, oh why!? She’d heard that art imitated life (or was it the other way around?), but this was ridiculous.
And why had the Director chosen Ramon and Raul to dance with her? She knew why – the Director knew she liked Raul and Ramon. The Director was trying to be nice to her. What the Director didn’t know was just how much she liked Ramon and Raul. Ramon, Raul. Raul, Ramon. She couldn’t decide. Both very muscular dancers, good looking, smart, Italian – she liked Italian! – but both so different. Ramon had more charm. Raul had more brains and sometimes that was more charming. Both were dynamic. Both were popular. Both were different.
They had very different interests. They both were interested in things she was interested in. They were both interested in her. But she couldn’t decide. She liked them both a lot.

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Other things you&';ll find in this series include an artist, a mirror, a horse, skipping stones, and joy and tears.

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