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Dale Stubbart

Mostly I write Fantasy stories. Some Sci-Fi, but most of those are also Fantasy. I write HowTo books &n-; mostly Computer, but also Environment and Food. I also write Reference books. As a Spiritual Mentor, I write Spiritual Books. And I write Poetry, Children&';s Stories, and .... I try to include a lot of humor in most of my stories.



My stories are compact. As my wife says, I&';m the only person she knows who can write a novel in one page.
A common testimonial about my stories is I feel like I&';m right in the story.

My stories on this website are The Dancer and The Xybrid Vehicle.

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In addition to Amazon, my stories are available at Short-n-Sweet-n-Simple Stories and at my Spiritual Website &n-; Yellow Bear Journeys.

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Dale Stubbart

I started out writing stories for my wife at Christmas.
Well that&';s not entirely true. I started out writing stories in English Class, as I imagine most of you did too. I also wrote stories in Spanish Class in College. During my last year of College, through a series of mishaps, I ended up with a wonderful English professor, who helped me make my stories hang together and flow better.
After my wife and I married, I started writing stories for her every year at Christmas. Since they were for her, mostly they were love stories.
Then one day, sitting in the airport for a long time, waiting to catch a connecting flight, a story started downloading. Now we say, the story was writing me. But I&';m a computer geek, so downloading is also appropriate. The Dancer was the result. Before, my stories had been good. This one was fantastic. Gone were the last vestiges of formulaic writing &n-; writing in a certain manner because I should. Now there were no shoulds.
That doesn&';t mean everything I&';d learned about writing went down the drain. It meant that now I could use it for a better purpose and outcome.

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